Thursday, October 16, 2008

it's just the internet

RW: todd
RW: i keep listening to beirut
RW: i can't stop!
THLAT: thats cool RW. do what ya feel...
THLAT: but keep it real
RW: todd i don't like it
RW: i want to be able to listen to another song
RW: like a normal person
RW: you know, just be happy... with an assortment of youtube videos
RW: of songs other people might like
RW: instead of listening to the same unpopular youtube video over and over again
THLAT: man
THLAT: RW, ive been there...
THLAT: ive FUCKING been there
RW: todd
RW: i am also drinking more mineral water
RW: but this time, it is totally disguised like a zurp from the store
RW: like in a paper cup, with one of those lids
THLAT: i like that idea!
RW: nobody knows
RW: i could just be walking down the street with a Latte™ ready at any minute to bust out my ™iphone and locate a ™wifi™ho™tspot™™ and "surf the ™™™™web!" with my ibook¡™
RW: but really it is just water!
RW: (((((((@))))))))_(@@@@@@)
THLAT: you are ZURPED back RW!
RW: i know but it is just water
THLAT: look at that self portrait! "(((((((@))))))))_(@@@@@@)"
RW: todd maybe if i just put the water into a zurp cup
RW: it sort of magically transforms into zurp
RW: sort of like when you go to church and drink the wine
RW: and it automatically transforms you into being rad
RW: the blood of radness1
THLAT: yeah, i could see that happening
RW: todd i gotta get out of here
RW: where "here" is the internet
RW: because i am obviously going bonkers!
THLAT: its just the internet RW>
THLAT: you are safe

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