Thursday, October 23, 2008


I'm not exactly quite sure the rational behind the, "party all night and sleep on the plane, train or car" mentality but it seems to win me over each time as I'm sitting on said travel device not being able to sleep from being so incredibly uncomfortable. I took the mighty mega bus on Monday from St. Louis to Chicago and stepped off the bus to this beautiful scene.

I was pretty hyped to get a photo of the skyline and a rainbow. Chicago's always been one of if not my favorite city and each time I'm there it's harder and harder to leave. So I just wanted to give an eShout to Chicago to say thanks for all the good, and bad times.

Also ... in more interesting and less personal news on the political front. People in Villa Park—one of the wealthiest suburbs in the Chicago area—who have Obama signs in their front yard are receiving death threats telling them to take their Obama signs down. Kind of scary. But then again, so is that other candidate.

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