Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day trip to Wisconsin

One of my favorite parts about skateboarding is taking little day trips to the most random towns. About 3 weeks ago some friends of mine caught wind of a grind line park in Wausau, Wisconsin--so what better an excuse to drive 3 hours to spend a day in a town that hopes to one day host the X-Games. That's what one of the kids there told us. They built the skate park in hopes that it would generate enough hype that eventually Wausau would be home to X-Games IXX. Who knows how valid that is, but what's completely true is that it's still quite a bit of fun to go out on missions in the simple hopes of riding your skateboard and meet some cool people. Here's some photos.

Wayne Zerr - This park is just outside of the Wisconsin Dells, which is one of the weirder towns I have ever been to.

Seth McCallum - Feeble to Fakie - He said he tried to do this longer but the ledge was a bit sticky. At fault? The economy.

Steve Nesser- Tailslide - This is the ever so famed park that, just you wait, will one day host the X-Games. The kid also said that they were widening the highway into town to accommodate all the Xtra traffic that the X-Games with extremely bring.

Nesser- Back Smith.

Luke Hunt - Noseblunt - About 2 seconds after shooting this photo Luke thought it would be interesting to conduct an experiment to see what would happen if he shot his board out at my flash to see if it could with stand. Result. He found that shooting your board at flashes and battery packs could produce side effects of completely breaking the hell out of them.

Fetus - Hurricane to Fakie - What's also awesome about going to random small towns to go skate is that 9 times out of 10 there is a kid who kills it and this was that kid.

Fetus - Crailslide.

Good times. Tune in, 2015, X-Games Wausau.


Cornbread said...

Wausau hosted the 24 Hour National Mountain Bike Championship the past few years. It's a well known place for endurance mountain bikers.

Love the cheese curds up there.

the VELVET weed fog said...

The FUCKING economy.