Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday, August 29, 2005

Not all there

I apologize for not being around to entertain everyone with my ever so informative posts as of late. I've been busy trying to get other projects off the ground.

I love you guys!

Get Active

The N55 ROCKET SYSTEM enables anyone to communicate their protest in a concrete way. This low tech, low cost, highly efficient hybrid rocket propulsion system is fueled by a mixture of polyethylene and laughing gas (N2O).

(via wemakemoneynotart)


Glad to see that there is a roller derby group starting up in Lincoln. From the looks of the groups in other cities like Minneapolis and Austin.

It looks silly and campy, but the bruises are real!

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Selling Lines

I'd always wondered if The White Stripes was a reference to Coke.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

"post hardcore/emo-ish vein"

Dressed For The H Bomb was sent in from WAY outside of Nebraska.
Nothing wrong with that.
Thanks to Greg Barbara for lookin' out.

American Bad Ass

Walker. Where fore art thou, Walker?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The weeks just end nowadays

A few days later, I got the call from my brother Pat (he's the smart looking one on the left) who lives in LA. His wife Becca who had been in the hospital for about a week, wasn’t doing too hot.

Becca's been dealing with cancer on and off for about fifteen years, but the last few have been especially brutal. Following the joyfull birth of their beautiful baby girl—Adeline Prae (the funky drummer to the left)—it was pretty much straight into multiple treatments, surgery, surgery to deal with complications from the surgery, more treatments, etc.
Hard times.
I drove up to LA to be in Pat's area for the weekend, and on the way up I got a call from Kemper. He rented a car in Vegas and was driving out to be with Pat, too.
Comfort comes in waves.

When I got there, I hooked up with a few friends of mine, Hunter (top left) and Joey (middle left) who I met earlier this summer, and Kevin (bottom left) who I’ve known for almost a decade now.

They were in town for the X Games, which ironically, I had no idea was happening, and were staying at this downtown spot called The Standard. Pretty fucking funky, right in the mix, and the floor was free.
Save your pennies.

When I saw them, they gave me hugs—like true bros do—dropped a pair of custom shoes on me (left), pushed me into a car, took me out to eat, and then to Nacional for the Tiffany/Diamond Dunk release party (bottom left).

Don’t worry, though (not that you would) you didn’t miss anything outside of the normal shit you’d witness on any Friday night in downtown Lincoln ... other than $18 singles of The Glenlivet.
What's my name again?

"The hip stuff is outside the comfort zone."

Holy shit!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Okay ... it started like this

Almost three weeks ago—on August 4th—I flew to SD to visit The Mag, go to a couple meetings, and then make a quick return to the good life.
My dad, Kemper, was going to Vegas, Baby! for the shoe show on the same day, and we worked it out so we could sit together inside a pressurized metal tube and get shot over to Denver, before parting ways. We talked about news, golf, the increasing population of the world's idiots, and other shit.

When I got to SD, I jumped into a borrowed LeSabre and headed up to The Mag office in Solana Beach. On the way, I was surprised (for maybe the two hundredth time) by the sight of this temple or church or whatever, constructed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or, as they're sometimes referred to, The Mormons. It's gotta be like ten years old by now, it's fricking enormous, and it appears to literally hang over onto the 5 freeway.
In an unprecedented move, the good folks of the LDS Church opened their doors to the people of SD after Castle Grayskull was initially finished, and gave tours of the impressive structure. Everyone was made to wear those paper/plastic shoe covers, gloves, and do-bags (like the dudes and dude-ettes wear in CD factories) through the entire walk-through.
When the month was over, the doors were forever closed to non-believers, and tens of thousands of square feet of white carpet was unceremoniously ripped up and replaced so that the floor of this Fortress of Solitude would never again be trodden upon by anyone but the enlightened. Stranger than fiction.

Though it may not appear to be so, Grant has never even heard of porn, let alone pored over a dirty magazine after a two-beer lunch. Why would you even say something like that?

Swift digs through one of the billions of cabinets of photographic archives that we have at our disposal at The Mag. It's some secret shit, I tell ya.
Why, just this file alone holds never-before-seen sequences of Danny Way's triple back flip over The Great Wall, the highest one-footed frontside slappy, and the world's loudest lien to tail.
Top drawer, kiddies.

Good Spam Problem

-kw would apologize, but I won't! I need to sell a bunch of stuff AND rent my house.

For Rent:
near 21st + A st.

It is a great place with:
3 Bedrooms w/ walk-in closets
Very nice wood floors and woodwork
Recently renovated/restored bathroom - clawfoot tub.
Updated kitchen (less than 1 yr old) with SWEET new apliances (I will miss you, sweet sweet, stainless steel)
Garden Tour Quality™ garden - deep backyard with large arbor
Great front porch + portch swing.
Washer + Dryer
Great Neighbors
Garage w/ shared driveway
Lots of space downstairs
$900/mo rent

Other Stuff For Sale:
Marcy Pro 5 Weight Bench w/bar, leg and arm curl. Weights: 2-2.5#, 4-5#, 2-10#, 2-25#, 2-35# $250
Antique mirrored oak sideboard $400
For Baby! : 3-in-1 Crib Set : Crib, Daybed, Full Mission style maple $350 infant car seat $25 Graco Pack-n-play $50
Home office L-desk w/ monitor platform, drop keyboard, legal hanging file + chair $200
17" computer Monitor (black) $30
17" computer Monitor (white) $30
Technics SL-1700 MKII turntable — see here $50
Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers (6" woofer?) $40
JBL Bookshelf Speakers (5" woofer?) $40
Onkyo TX-DS575 AV Receiver, 500 Watts, Dolby Digital, DTS + PHONO STAGE (nice!) + remote — see here $100
Midiman Keystation 49 - USB (powered by USB even!) + AC Power $75
Sony Trinitron TV (27in?) 4 years old Flat screen (not flat PANEL) $150 obo

Monday, August 22, 2005

Walk it off

I'm going driver shopping tomorrow.

Here You Go

Just returned from one of the gnarliest trips I've ever taken to Cali in all my years of taking trips to Cali.
It's really made me take stock in some things, made me think that a lot of stuff I previously OCD'd over is total horse shit, and inspired me to at least make a deliberate attempt to get my poop in a group.
Why not here? Why not now? Right?
So, first things first ... clean the office?
Not a top-of-the-list priority, I know, but I'm going to be going through some of the photos I shot while in SoCal and posting them here on the problem over the next few days, and I wanted to at least feel like I could give you an accurately vague account of some of the events that transpired. Cleaning seemed like the obvious first move for some reason.
Anyway, while I was cleaning I found a few gems.
The trip photos will begin tomorrow, in the meantime, gander at these new/old treasures (counter clockwise from top right):
A) Grandpa Bob's watch, complete with actual 'bobs' and a fifty I never knew was there.
B) A little black bug.
C) Four perfectly good pieces of Eclipse gum.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Don't get too close

It's on!
Fall tour is slated, and Colorado looks like it might be the spot for a very brown weekend.
Get your tickets now or whine about it later.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Extra, extra!

You know what they say. You can't be two shirts.
Though, apparently, you can wear two shirts ... at once.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bomb the suburbs

Dave Carnie and I, as well as Keith Hamm, dropped a couple on the Glendale, California (Dave's current hometown) parks and rec department, via The Glendale News Press. Seems they want to charge money if you're skating their park, but only if you're over 18 and from out of town.
I guess that's one way to do it.
Although it probably won't help anything in this case, local media outlets have proven themselves to be welcome allies in the battle over skate access, as of late.
Thanks, darkmen.
Two or three heads are better than one, right?

Monday, August 15, 2005

I've been the the mt.

Went to an amazing show last night. Mt. Egypt and Simon Dawes. Salute the institution!

Howdy, pardner

That reminds me, did anyone go to Rib Fest last weekend?
Maybe ask some of our friends over at Truck Parkin.



Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hands in the ay-yer

Sorry to be so long between posts to the problem. I still love you very much.
Thanks to the contributors, though. It looks like you've all had plenty of material to waste your time looking at.
I've been staying up in LA for the last ten days so I can be close to my brother Pat and his family.
Many of you will remember my sister-in-law Becca from the benefit showing of Pure Sweet Hell we had last February. A good portion of the proceeds raised from ticket sales went to the Becca Wilkins Wellness fund. Thanks again to everyone who showed up to watch that amazing piece and shell out a few bucks — directly and positively affecting some very good folks.
Well, as of yesterday, Becca was moved from the hospital to her home in Van Nuys where she began receiving hospice care.
It's been a really sad time for the entire family, and I just wanted to type a quick thanks to everyone for their calls and e-mails and well wishes. I've been passing them all on to Pat, and he's been lovingly shuttling them on to Becca, their daughter Adeline, and anyone else he feels might be in need of some good vibes.
I'll get back to the problem soon, but in the mean time you're in good hands.
High five each other for me.
You are the most killa gorillas ever.

crazy biker guys

Its kind of slow to download but worth it. scary

Friday, August 12, 2005

Bike Sale!

My wife has two bikes, a Bianchi Eros (road bike, 6ys old), and a Diamond Back Mountain bike (crazy carbon fiber frame, 10 years old?). What is the best bet for getting these sold? She wants to consolodate these to get a Surly. Much appreciated!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

If it ain't broke

I thought this was a pretty sweet fixed gear—from the fixed gear gallery.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

prurient buzz

Espresso Porn.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rah Rah, Hey!

I'm using this technique to remember my ATM pin-number from now on.

(video only works in IE)

Hair helmet

Somewhere on this website there are hats made from 100% human hair.

nuff said?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

When Life Gives You Lemons ...

Pat, Adeline, and Kemper making the most out of a sunny day.
You're soaking in it!

Nothing Sucks Like A Hummer

Friday on the 405 we saw something long, white, and totally fucked.


anyone know where i can access an extensive set of lance mountain's artwork? i think a lot of his stuff that he has used for graphics over the years are great and have thought of using some of it for a tattoo but struggle to find much. also- does the firm have a website?
ok- i'll quit posting stuff now.

the other lance

funny- when i google searched an image for "lance mountain" this is one of the images i got.


this guy has more $$$ in his cables then i have in my whole system.
weird to that he has all that money tied up in good music reproduction and only has room for one.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Skateboarding used to be more funnerer.

Hey, Bumsnap, get wet.

Always heeding the advice of Kev Dog. It’s not easy to get wet in a desert ... metaphorically or whateverwise.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cross Pollinate

LincolnBlog is one year (and a few days) old.


I'm in a Starbies on the border between Oceanside and Carlsbad. It's like a fashion show and HBO comedy hybrid, but you can't talk shit about the people—not out loud at least.
Spent the late afternoon with the Burnetts. They are beautiful. Using their luxurious Cardiff estate as a jump off point, Mike and I didn't pad up and then went over and scooted around on the newish mini ramp at the Y. Between runs we talked about friends and loved ones, the fate of nouns and verbs, and the subtleties of fweepers and frails. You definately had to be there ... though, if you think about it, your attendance was not mandatory.
That's how it goes, I guess.
Back to the compound for beers and a lovely walk to Besta-Wan.
The importance of this post may be questioned.
Repeatedly, if necessary.

my first post on Good Problem

and it's a re-post


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Culture Jam in Full Effect

The agents of Improv Everywhere have assembled a small army of goofballs to confuse and entertain the public of New York City. Big Pranks , detailed planning, large audiences, and no one is ever told afterward to look at the hidden camera. They just bounce and let people feel it.