Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coffee-related good problems

Sunday morning, coffee grinder gave off more of a slow, sad, half-hearted buzz than a strong burr grind. Not a good problem.

The offending grinder. Nearly 8 years old.

Monday, housemate offered up her little grinder for use. It's not a burr grinder, so it's not providing the fine grind needed for my little espresso machine. But hey, it's grinding the beans.
Lucky for me, housemate is off of coffee right now, so this little R2D2 is in my kitchen for the time being.
Tuesday, instead of the espresso machine, I dug out the moka pot. Grew up with the stovetop style, learning to make coffee for my parents on special days. I'd say it's a good problem I had to rediscover it.


Water On The Ground

Monday, April 22, 2013

nipple spinner

just saying