Friday, September 28, 2007

Moustache Diary, Entry #8

Another serious test ride today. Got pulled over by a motorcycle cop as I was coasting the mini van down one of those hills on Pine Lake Road.
They’re big hills; let me tell you. Big enough to get you 12 mph over the speed limit. No problem.
Give it a shot sometime. If you don’t ride the brakes you can hit 52 without even trying.

He got me.

I stopped on a side street out of the way of traffic. I had my license and registration out before he got up to my window. I even said, “Yes sir. No sir,” and all that.
And then I remembered my moustache.

Cops like moustaches. At least it seems like they do. “Maybe he’ll see mine and let me off with a warning.” I thought as I kind of leaned my upper lip out the window a little bit. “Maybe if the sun hits it just right, he’ll be overcome by my whisker-growing efforts. He’ll recognize our brotherhood. He’ll ask me what I think about the Huskers chances against Iowa State.”

No dice. The dude was not a true bro. Not at all.

Of course, these results are non-scientific. In hindsight, I don’t think I should have been test riding my moustache on the cop level yet. Plus this guy didn’t have a moustache of his own. Not sure how or if that affected the outcome. My team's researching that as we speak.

Oh, well.
Maybe moustaches work well in a STOP class situation.
I’ll let you know.


sda said...

its obvious that he was jealous of your furry fury. to compensate, he had to exercise his auth-or-it-aaaay.

11:11 said...

As I read your post I imagined you on your bike the whole time. . . until I read the part where you rolled down your window. I was so impressed. Was. I thought maybe you got some new wheels... Or Lincoln got a hill.

Stash on stasher.

mw said...

now that's looking like a stash. nice work. i'm chasing you now the beard dept.

nacho_supreme said...
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cvo said...

I LOVE stop class

the before and after pictures of meth use,

what happens when you don't wear your seat belt? do you have pictures of some of that...?

the " I was just pulling this guy over and bam, 3 kids jump out one of them's got a gun and the other two get hit by a semi" storys

how many beers can I have and still drive?

you guys are using frickin lazers now, and you run radar where??? when???

I so dig stop class...

Unknown said...

you are making some progress on the stash I see...very nice. Keep it up and sorry about the ticket (good read, tho)