Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moustache Diary, Entry #7

As days go, they’ve all been on the upper end of the scale lately. Which I like.

But that’s always a sign that things are about to get shitty.

I’ve joked around for a while about my boys being the neighborhood wreckers of shop, but something in the back of my mind sensed the truth in those jokes and I’ve kinda been waiting … a little fearful of the day when they become “those Wilkins boys.”

Well that day has arrived.

Got a report today from a neighborhood mom that Cian is one of a group of three or four gang members who are on the loose and effing es up on the regular. Accounts range from them hauling their four-year-old carcasses over a six-foot-high, fenced dog kennel only to harass the hell out of the poor trapped canines within, to climbing onto a brick wall and synchronized urinating into another family’s front yard.

So now I’ve got to be the stern dad. It’s not a problem, though. Stern dad isn’t too much of a stretch for me. But thanks to my stupid little ’stache-riffic research mission, I had to talk to this nice woman with my shitty moustache sitting there on my upper lip — just making a mockery of the whole situation.

I kept thinking, “There’s no way she’s taking me serious with this thing.” Nor should she have to.

But — I reminded myself — I shouldn’t have to take me too seriously, either. I am, after all, keeping a running dairy about growing a moustache.

So, yeah. Another upper-end day in the books.
How’d yours go?


rfresh said...

haha, no way. i love this diary

sda said...

you know, that sort of thing kind of happened to me on saturday. i was in the garage getting my bike prepped for the tdfat parade (already dressed up in my clown suit) and when i came out my dog was crapping in the neighbors yard. of course my neighbor was on her back porch just kind of watching to see what i would do when sue finished his business.

like you, i apologized, and then proceeded to clean up the dog log. but man, she was just giving me the "you f'ing punk" evil eye the whole time. i was laughing to myself at the absurdity of the situation.

nacho_supreme said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure me and Michelle dodd peed in her neighbors yard (camoflauged by bushes however) when we were about 4 or 5. And we both turned out GREAT!

I just remember when you guys moved into that house and you were showing me all the nooks and crannies of the storage space in the basement and you were like "this is where miles will smoke weed one day and think i don't know what he's doing. but I will."

You go stern dad. With your stern stash. Keep up the good work.