Friday, September 21, 2007

Moustache Diary, Entry #4

Day five of ’stache fest.

The reactions that my little project is generating are proving to be pretty interesting. I've been getting advice, I've been getting support, and I've been getting appeals to end my experiment before it even starts. All of which prove one of my life-long suspicions — moustaches carry with them a very strange and polarizing power.

And so with Ernie Chambers as my agnostic witness, I promise to never ever abuse that power.
That is, if I ever manage to get it.

The best quotable hasn't been a blog comment or an e-mail, though. It was of the verbal variety, and in the spirit of the strange power a live-and-direct moustache can produce, this audible show of ’stache support was delivered for all the world to hear by the one and only Butchey. Of course I’ll carry it with me from now on ... especially in those moments when this whole thing seems a bit too shameless, egotistical, or self-indulgent.

"Yay, moustache!" he offered up.


nacho_supreme said...

Guns don't kill people. People with mustaches kill people.

rfresh said...

everyone is self indulgent, but with you - people like you, so here we are now entertain us. P.s. i have a week on you, and all i do all day is think about my folicles

cvo said...

you sound like you need to you tube some magnum pi episodes for inspiration...

Jada Rae said...

I'll offer up Val as your stache' buddy if you find the need for one. He's just wondering how long he will make it before he summons the razor gods!