Monday, October 31, 2005

Obrigado, again

A surprise. Two friends of friends offered to take us on a dune buggy ride to some beach spot. I was worried about my back, but went anyway and I’m soooooo glad I did. We got to it, were ushered onto two flat boats and sticked out to this sandbar where our pilots jumped into the water and retrieved sea horses and crab for our inspection.
Yes, we agreed, that’s totally amazing.
Then we sticked our through the Mangui groves to a bar that’s just out in the middle of this beach marsh, our chairs and tables sitting in like a foot of water, and we sucked on crabs for a while.
Of course we had to stop again for beers and this amazing fried yucca root (tastes like French fries only better) called Mandioca. We were encouraged to pour as much salt on it as we could and then asked if we wanted more beer.
Yes, please.


ortiz said...

Dude, that sounds so good!
What kind of beer?
I'm thirsty, Happy Halloween.

cvo said...

you lucky bastard,

you know, you suck man,

and congrats....
you deserve a great vacation,
even if it is work

you gotta be the luckiest fucker I know.
and I mean that in the best way, cuz you've worked your ass off to get to where you are and you deserve every min of it.

i'm just jelouse.

I'm so glad your sharing your trip with us man.

if you get this in an e-mail while your over there,

tell some dude your hanging out with hello from some guy in Lincoln Nebraska. cvo says hi.