Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Itenerary for Oct 15th

Havn't seen much movement on this blog latley. so I figure this may stay up a few days.
Although I hope it doesn't
I'm hopping some of the peeps that visit here will show up for some good old bike riding fun...
we're gonna meet in the morning at the bike swap.
the bike swap goes from 9am - 3pm
I'll probably role out there around 10:30 - 11am
After we find the rest of the crew... aka anyone who's down, we're heading to
Lee's chicken for a late lunch. like oh. 1-2pm
then we're gonna go for a long ride through wilderness. It will take a long time, Most of the day i'd imagine...
we'll probably get outa the park just in time to get to Yia Yia's or Oso oh, around
Then I think we're gonna role out to Walton
you know... a little night riding.
and then there is an after hours at my buddies place.
the cheet lives there...

we were to get access to Walton...hmmm
remeber that year... Walton...
I wonder if anyone at Pedlers reads the blog...
I wonder if it would be worth callin up Rich and asking.
it is gonna be a nice night on the trail.
I'd imagine a large group making the hardcore treck to Eagle and back.
with maybe a drop off of sluggish peeps at 9 mile hut...
well I'm sure it will play out.
I'm not in charge.
I just know what's going on.
at least till 2pm i know what's going on.

then it's game over, and I just follow the folks in front of me...

hope to see you sometime that day.
if you got any questions on time or where were at. give me a call

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