Monday, October 17, 2005

Midwest Coast

Cornwear is looking pretty good.


cvo said...

oh yeah golf...

we should get tee times for this friday,

that is
if your still down.

no laughin at me, cuz I suck,
but man, I love playing golf..

so, its gonna be KW, Pw? right, Paul is commin up from Neb city I hope. and myself,
nice little 4 some. walkin I hope.

I gotta save some dough for the omahole pub crawl.

-kw said...

I'll try hard to get Pat to go.
If we time it right, we should be able to play nine for $6.50 ea. Twilight, yo.

cvo said...

I'm stoked.

cvo said...

yo, it's wednesday,
are we still on for golf friday?

do we have tee times,
do we need them?

what time are we meeting again?

rfresh said...

I wanna golf, too. Can i play?

cvo said...

you gotta talk to kw