Thursday, February 12, 2009

cha cha

do you know what "cha cha" is? no, not the dance. it's a text message thing where you can send them a question and in mere minutes someone answers you w/ the answer. someone told me there are folks off in cha cha land sitting in front of computers and google search your texted questions to find the answer. assuming you have free texting, it doesn't cost anything though the answers come w/ a brief ad attached. all you have to do is type 'cha cha' (242-242) for the phone #.

so my buddy erik came over for dinner tonight. we are having an ongoing debate as to whether Vans or Adidas are better. i say Vans are and he the other. so i decided i would ask cha cha which was better and the response i got said this:

"Vans are way better because they have all types of styles and even boots! ChaCha on!"

so there you go. the debate has been settled. what do you think?


JP said...

you'd better call yer mom

Hoss said...

Vans... Who needs Vans when you've got Chucks... Ahh-dee-das is where it's at... just below the chucks...

mw said...


-kw said...

I like neither the bestest.

rfresh said...

Back in October I asked ChaCha "How Awesome is Joe the Plumber?"

ChaCha's response, "How awesome are YOU for asking that question?"

That's top shelf.