Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's official...the D Street Hotel and a large chunk of the Near South Neighborhood is considered a blighted area.

We didn't need an official notice. We've known for quite some time. We've seen and heard it all.....crackheads, crackheads and more crackheads, prostitutes, gun fire, dog fights, six point-blank handgun shots to the chest, one suspicious death (trying to cut off house arrest ankle bracelet and inadvertently slicing femoral artery and bleeding to death), numerous death threats (not to us), and a lot of solicitation for money, drugs, food, beer, cigarettes and sex. The house even got shot last year.

Maybe we'll be able to get some of that stim $.


rfresh said...

My hood forever

DADAH said...

El Chaparro Rules

brent said...
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