Monday, January 12, 2009

reading is FUNdamental

Here's a breakdown of some of the best public literacy celebrity campaign posters of years past. For more information visit your local library :)

L.L. Cool J. pointing to The Children's Health Food Book about how to eat well without spilling on your FUBU.

Sean Connery holding The Spirit of Scotland which helps him remind people that he is not British.

Steven Hawking sitting next to Marilyn Monroe (biography) about his inspiration - a dead famous lady who was kinda pretty.

Tony Hawk extreme reading High Fidelity about how hipster-douchebag music snobs spend a lot of time coming up with self-important top-five lists.

Yo-Yo Ma reading Goodnight Moon about a bunny-child that takes forever to go to sleep.

Shaq reading Undying Glory which is most likely about him and what it's like to be so fucking awesome.


mw said...

nice comentary.

those ads always make me wonder if those people wanted to do it, or if they traded some community service hour requirements or something.

rfresh said...

LL Cool J just showed up for like 5 minutes and grabbed the first book off of the "kids" pile.