Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the best sXe band to ever live

Jud Jud is amazing. When I first found this album I was spending a lot of time, practically living at my friend's sister's house. Everyone who hung out there was "straight edge" and in-between sneaking Parliament Lights out back, would argue incessantly about perhaps the most meaningless straight edge/hardcore things you could imagine: Who sold out, who was core, blah, blah. "Did you hear Ian Mackaye drinks now? I won't ever listen to Minor Threat again." Stuff like that. Stuff that really shouldn't have mattered if it weren't winter, in Iowa.

So along came Jud Jud breathe a breath of fresh air into our lives by taking a jab at the funniest of subjects—ourselves. "At a time where bands were trying to preach purity in the scene, but being totally hypocritical and not aware of their instrument abuse," Jud Jud claimed that the integrity of their instruments could not be verified, and that there was a chance a non straight edge person could be making their instruments.

And they just weren't down for that. So instead of using instruments they just used their mouths. "Our lyrics have always been the most important part of JUD JUD. We write them seperately and feel that is it necessary to print what each of us has to say." (Sample Lyric: JUD JUD JAH, JUD JUD JUD, JUD JUD JAH,

Anyways, I stumbled upon this link which has their entire library available for download, or check out their myspace for all things Jud Jud.

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elisabeth said...

oh, how i love jud jud. thanks for the link!