Friday, November 09, 2007

Why ’Zines Won't Die

Skateboarding has its 2x4 and rollerskate mythology and, of course, so do skateboard magazines.
Here's a quick look at what Ben Franklin started, what blogs continue to do, and what I also hope will never die.

From: Good Magazine


Anonymous said...

Those who know me, know that I search out zines everytime I go to Portland. I'll spend 20-30 minutes every visit thumbing through the ones at Powells on burnside. I almost never leave without buying one. Now Annie tells me there is a zine shop across the street from Powells and they have classes on how to start your own. I'll spend up to $5 on a zine even if it doesn't have a lot of content. I've seen a lot come and go and some really good ones live for only a few issues. Which is the nature of the zine. but everytime I get a really good one it is inspiring to me to start one of my own. Then I think to myself. "Man, that is a lot of work,... forget it". So I don't.
Long live zines in Oregon.

nacho_supreme said...

Eric is right.
IPRC, Reading Frenzy and the Multnomah County Library are all excellent zine sources. And IPRC has over 5,500 self-published and independently produced materials, AND is centered around helping people produce and distribute their own zines. They offer tons of space, classes and resources to help you make your own!

thad said...

zines are stupid.