Friday, November 16, 2007


Someone once told me that holding in shit that bothers me and not expressing myself will compromise my health. Made sense. Makes sense. From time to time when I maneuver through my day I will hear something or see something that makes me fucking angry. I think I want to purge some of that shit here and keep my immune system bright.

Today I saw one of these fucking things.

I fucking hate these fucking things.


nacho_supreme said...

That just boosted MY immune system because I'm laughing so hard.

Thanks brother.

rfresh said...


nic said...

i know, wtf!

and that second level is totally being wasted. D-U-M-B.

Anonymous said...

I hate a lot of shit too. Look at the bright side.. you could put bananas in there and call it a banana hammock

ortiz said...

those things are stupid, fruit's stupid.