Tuesday, November 06, 2007

In lieu of Kevin's internet presence:

We hope your guts get well soon, bra!


-kw said...

Me too. Thanks!

ortiz said...

What's wrong kev?

Katatonic said...

Bummer, Kevin. I just saw Joeth Z. at lunch today and she said she heard you'd been ill.

Feel better soon.

-kw said...

Just got home from the hospital. I'm fine. The doctors didn't know what it was at first, though, with guesses ranging from a lower intestinal infection to Crohn's disease. So they did tests and a colonoscopy, and pumped me full of fluids and antibiotics.
Turns out it was campylobacter, a bacteria found in undercooked chicken.
Basically, gnarly food poisioning.
I'll probably be eating less chicken for a while.

Katatonic said...

Ewwwww. I had a coworker who was hospitalized for a week with food poisoning this summer . . . you didn't dine at Amigo's by any chance, didja?

Glad you're home, make sure the family pampers you with comic books and 7Up.

-kw said...

Sorry, that link above didn't work.
Here it is: Campylobacter

nacho_supreme said...

Campylobacter Jejuni is my new band name.