Friday, July 29, 2005

Super Sorry, Dude

Honestly, I was talking on the phone and he just came out of nowhere.

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cvo said...

you know, I've played with my life many a time on the bike downtown. and in downtown's of other towns.

I'm not the smartest person when riding in traffic, you should never follow me, I'll get you killed

but i've never been hit,
I've come really close, REALLY CLOSE, but never been hit,

whenever I'm crossin a street, I always get eye contact, no matter what, or i'll go around the back of the vehicle.

the funnest thing to do, is pull right up to the passenger door of someone looking the other way at traffic that's comming when they are at a stop sign, and wait for them to start moving Then kick or punch the car as hard as you can when they start moving without looking your way. I've really pissed some people off who would have killed me if I road in front of them. (when I have the right of way) the best is doing it to someone in a suv or something and leaving some damage, and then riding off.

stupid people in cars that don't look around piss me off.

and I love being an asshole when I get the chance..