Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Full On

Snuck out of the house last night to skate the fullpipe with Phil.
It was inbetween rain showers, we brought a towel, and pretty much did kickturns for like an hour.
Two slams later (one each) the sun went down, we left for home, and the secret gods of skateboarding looked down with favor upon us.
On the way to his car, Phil told me about this dude Robert Randolph. Holy crap!
Mr. Randolph learned his slide G skills in church. Okay, there's one good thing about Sunday mornings.
That shit's on the iTunes Music Store, my fellow slaves to convienence.
Anyway. FTB.


bdiddy said...


looks like you got a nice little start here! I ride right by or right throught this tunnel on the way to work all of the time.

If you dig Rober Randolph than you should check out THE WORD!

cvo said...

dude, i want your helmet.