Saturday, November 21, 2009

one more quarter

When I was in high school I pumped countless quarters into this machine.  That damn Rudy was always taunting me.  I bumped into a very entertaining article that shed some light on the economics of pinball machines, and the evolution of the devices used to entice you to put one more quarter in.  If you were ever a pinball guy, it'll be worth the click.


sda said...

Awesome. I want 'cyclone' in my basement.

ti said...

oh man, cyclone was awesome. Fun house was a high school main stay for me, but When i moved to utah to go to college i found a bowling alley that had a pristine cyclone machine. I spent a lot of time listening to bowlers while playing that one.

Beerorkid said...

Fun house is a great game. They still go for insane prices. Cyclone is awesome because how cool it was for its time.

I have a Pinbot and a Bride of Pinbot that I have been working on a ton lately. Almost done converting the bulbs to LED. Looks so good.

Last night drove out to Hickman and put $300 down on a Baby pac man. Guy worked a ton on it. Playfield is in awesome shape, boards professionally repaired, all connectors replaced, and the screen has a new cap kit on it. So excited.

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Pinball is awesome :)