Sunday, March 01, 2009

and now you know the rest of the story

Paul Harvey is, and was, a legend. Many a noon shushes were given by my old man in our car to the sound of him giving the newscast where at the end dad would ramble about how his faith in humanity rested in existence of Paul Harvey's newscast.

And while I'd like to give a respectful R.I.P. to a great childhood memory of perhaps a lot of us here in the midwest, I think it's only appropriate that we see the end as he did all his news casts.

This is Paul Harvey. Good day.

Thanks, Paul.

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-kw said...

Yes. The car drive shushes. And the stories that ended up being advertisements told in Mr. Harvey's unique steelo.
Here's a hot quote about his show's sponsors (of which only one in fifteen were accepted):

"I can't look down on the commercial sponsors of these broadcasts. Too often they have very, very important messages to put across. Without advertising in this country, my goodness, we'd still be in this country what Russia mostly still is: a nation of bearded cyclists with b.o."