Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New one

New ramp for the boys.
Three feet tall. Eight feet wide. Two-foot deck. Six-foot tranny.

Thanks Dan, Josh, and Jordan for your help.


Anonymous said...

You are a cool Dad!

Katatonic said...

Way cool. Can Evan come over sometime and skate with the boyz? He was begging Brian to take him skating this weekend -- although I think he's a little over-confident at this point. A few hip slams and he'll be set straight.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Kevin! Dreams do come true (if you wait long enough)
Love Mom

highdesertsultan said...

for the boys, huh?

you probabaly haven't done a kickturn or front side smith.... for the boys to see, of course.

-kw said...

Don't forget.
I am also a boy.

-kw said...

YES! Evan is welcome anytime. As are his parental units.
Give us a ring.