Saturday, October 13, 2007

it still rips

Again with the coffee.

Made it to the premiere of Nike SB's video Nothing But The Truth. They held it at the Kodak theater in Hollywood.

Yeah, the place where the Academy Awards are every year.

Very big deal.
Lots of popcorn, too.

They replaced the movie star portraits with shots of the NIke SB skaters. Here's Skateboard Mag photog and Sacto's own Jeff Landi pointing at another of Sacto's own ... Stefan Janoski.

They'll make fun of each other about this later.

The place was like a very big church, and the crowd assembled was as respectful as if they were at a wedding.
It was strange.

Usually these premiers are screaming and yelling matches and the place gets torn apart. Not this time, though. I think everyone was all freaked out.

Nothing But The Truth is amazing, though.

Very different, very out there, and one step of many that skateboarding should continue taking in order to keep ahead of the bean counters and demographers.

Let the haters hate.

Skateboarding needs to stay weird.

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