Friday, July 27, 2007

Why Legalizing Sports Doping Won't Work

"Sports themselves are by their nature civilized: everyone agrees to follow a certain set of rules. If you don’t, that’s cheating. Legalizing doping doesn’t change those rules as much as remove them altogether, and then it’s no longer a sport, but merely entertainment." —Joe Lindsey, guest blogger for Freakonomics and contributing writer for Bicycling magazine

Read the rest of Lindsey's view here.


Anonymous said...

Think "Pro Wrestling", Career Dopes & Dopers. Hey, that's entertainment!

Anonymous said...

wow, excellent read. im still madd confused regarding the rass ball-up.

at one hand i'm like "why did rabo kick him off? they could have gotten a tour winner on their team!"

and on the other hand i think they did the right thing, cuz who knows they will catch him doping a few weeks.

cvo said...

thanks a lot for taking the cool helmets outa the wrench dude,

lets see some pics..