Thursday, May 10, 2007

rebellion, personal expression for sale?


"I expect that all of your projects will get linked up like crazy and bring you internet fame and glory."

So that's why street art exists?

I can't wait until I'm famous on the internet. I'd better sign up for some kind of class. Graffiti!

Almost as bad as fake tattoo sleeves?

Or totally not, because they educate and teach you to appreciate/see through new eyes? The message of the art would just be perpetuated/spread to further audiences? (ie. us seeing/appreciating r-fresh's bad-ass pixelator post?)

I can't tell how I feel about this.

Ug. My head hurts.

Anyone else?


thad said...
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thad said...

man- graffiti is all grown up and off to college. pretty dumb- but maybe ok on some level. i personally would rather study tattoos in college.