Thursday, October 05, 2006

more o.g. than the most o.g.

In this backward world of vulcanization and good feel, there's still something more original than your original Vans.
Chucks for ever and ever

via: Coudal Partners


Coach_KB said...

Something I've been thinking about lately...

Chucks are to Vans
as Single speed bikes are to geared bikes.

Chucks are nice to look at but they sure hurt your feet if you really have to play b-ball or spend all day in them on your feet.

Same with Single speeds, sure are nice to look at and maybe ride around, but when it gets down to it technology and gears win over.

Oooo Should generate some shellac

rfresh said...

Here in Prague, Pilsner beer is a dollar. A pair of OG white Chucks...$105.