Monday, October 02, 2006

Bring on the Dutch invasion!

Huphtur writes:

short translation: Batavus, a big Dutch bike manufacturer is gonna sell their "Omafiets" (grandma bike) in USA since the demand for bikes is growing in USA thanks to high gas prices etc. The bike market in USA is about same size as Dutch market!
How unreal is that last statement?

Here's an awkward translation to the De Telegraaf article.


nic said...

How many Denmarks make one USofA?

Very unreal.

Anonymous said...

Did you also know that there's more bikes than people in the city of Amsterdam? True fact!

Beerorkid said...

freaky deeky dutch

cvo said...

the dutch rock.

Mr. Van Ooyen

Anonymous said...

I want one - how much - where do I get it???
Miles and Cian's Grandma

highdesertsultan said...

at university in amsterdam, the bike i had the longest before it was stolen or broke down, was named "fierljeppen" (canal jumper)

mw said...

how's this:

The average person in the world spends 66 minutes per day in travel (source: Scientific American), independent of the method of travel. Those who chose to travel by automobile simply find jobs farther from their homes or buy new homes farther from their jobs to escape from the noise and air pollution of other people's automobile travel. Sixty-six minutes a day of healthy exercise through walking or cycling is sufficient to provide all the blessing of exercise. The $6,150 in direct costs saved each year through not paying for the average car would also make a great addition to retirement. On the other hand, 66 minutes a day of pumping carbon dioxide into the air by everyone who can afford to own a car will ensure that global warming will bring misery to us all. Which do you prefer, a healthy lifestyle or a sick planet? It's really your decision. At least we can now quit fooling ourselves with the delusion that traveling by automobile is saving us time.

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