Monday, January 02, 2012

Yearly Link Round-Up

Dallas Clayton has a new book. Read it online for free.

Brixton has photos from Raymond Pettibon's show at Regen Projects II.
Uli Westphal's Mutato Collection is awesome. via: Selekkt
Infrared Aerochrome photographs of the Congo by Richard Mosse.
Mondo Blogo covers the Tom Sachs show, Work.
Proposition One. Amazing layered photos by max De Esteban.
Jeremyville's Public Service Announcements are great.
Jon Horner drew a Where's Chin poster for Sidewalk.
You Will Soon has a must read post on the importance of regular skaters.
Awesome new World Wildlife Fund commercial. Via: Chris Glass.
Rad cameras in Flotsam and Jetsam's Camera Auction collection.
Geoff McFetridge's 42 pieces turned into 24 shoes for MOCA.
Tom Ford's five easy lessons in how to be a modern gentleman. Via: TFIB.
Smithsonian Wild collects camera trap photos from all over the world.
Relax Shacks has a new website and a new book.
Photographing the Super Bowl. (more interesting than the Super Bowl)
Mitch Dobrowner's awesome Los Angeles landscapes.
Finding Emilie is an amazing story from the most recent RadioLab.
Massive cave found in Vietnam. Via: Coudal
Don Hertzfeldt's Wisdom Teeth animated short.
Excellent mind fuck, The Impossible Motion Contraption.

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