Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad To Get Mad?

Anybody who knows me also knows that I have a temper.

Most of the time it’s just a funny thing to talk about over a beer, like, “Remember when you tossed your helmet into the tree and had to spend ten minutes throwing a log at it to knock it down?” Or, “I liked it when that guy cut us off and you squirted him with your water bottle through his window.” Or, “It was hot when you threw your board so hard that the tail just snapped clean off.”

“Yeah,” I say, grinning to hide my embarrassment. “Hot.” [ read more ... ]


11:11 said...

Me too.... Thanks for your integrity and the heads up reminder. I'll take a breath or seven next time I feel like swinging my fives.

Unknown said...

Funny you should post that today. I was super mad this morning — fist, finger shaking mad — after a dude who was tailgating me on the freeway, surged around me , got in front and brake checked me. I mean, brakes squeeling at 60mph. I wanted to pound the guy, but my good sense kicked in before I lost all control.

Coffee all over the floormats of my car. Fucked up my whole day.

I remember an occasion of you throwing your board at a Peck Park Pool session many years back...

MG said...

Wow... I can't even believe how high my blood pressure rose just reading your post. I remember so vividly how messed up you were after your "run in" with those guys five years ago, and I'm glad this latest incident didn't go nearly so badly. It's a good reminder to just take the high road and remember that, in a battle with a 3000 pound car/truck, the guy on the bike loses every time.

We're all human, my friend. And we all have a temper. No, it's not ideal, but we'll survive, even thrive through it.

Thanks Kev,

Anonymous said...

At some point during my messenger career, it occurred to me that no matter how badly I beat somebody, theyll still wake up the next day an asshole, and if attempted to straighten everyone out who crossed me, Id be a very, very busy man. Ive since learned to pick my battles wisely, which ironically since this realization, hasnt been an issue once.
It only takes one person with a chip on their shoulder and a handgun beneath the seat to ruin your familys life forever.