Friday, December 29, 2006

Bricktop Tuesday Jan 2nd

Steve is gonna throw down again with the skate video goodness.
New vid from Enjoi?
I think that's what he was saying, I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong,
I believe we're even gonna be graced with the precense of Mr. Wilkins himself this eveneing.
get on down to the bar around 8:30 ish for some skate vids from Steve, they ususaly end up playing them all night long. always a good time ...
Hope to see some of you there.


-kw said...

Yeah, CVO!
Steve will be showing Bag Of Suck, the video that The Mag awarded Year's Best Video. Steve will also be screening Memoirs of a Moron ... 10 years of Tilt Mode, featuring lots of amazing shit from San Jose's funniest and finest, many of whom are also Enjoi team riders.
First 20 folks to ask will also get issue #34 of The Skateboard Mag ... the Year's Best issue.
See you then and there.

cvo said...

I'll be there, I'll bet I can drag Thad along with me,

rfresh said...

So, i leave and hip hop night becomes skateboard dork night. Where's the love, at least give a shout to the music. Unless it died and I didn't know it.

-kw said...

All music has stopped. It's been voted down and then forgotten about. I don't think you can dance anymore, either. But there's a shrine there honoring all past contributions to the greater good.