Friday, November 17, 2006

The Authority of the Wilkins Tomahawk Jam

This is a video of my all time favorite NBA player. Straight from the Golden Age of the NBA, it's the one and only Dominique "The Human Highlight Reel" Wilkins. Dude was so finessed out on the court, floatin' above fools, then just throwin' it down with the two-hander. He used to bum people out, he was so good. 'Nique was the shit. He knew it, but he still kept it chill off the court, even in Hotlanta. This clip contains perfectly dated music and editing. There are so many good things in this little montage of my main-man. The music used is a song called "Looking Glass" by Yanni. It's full of dope NBA warmup suits, slow motion fans cheering, a sweet beard and moustaches, not to mention a Wilkins to Spud Webb pregame high-five. There's fucking high-fiving, yo! Seriously, just wierd enough to be one of those beautiful wonders. Check it when he steals the rock from Larry Bird. Dude falls down and doesnt get up! Damn Larry, my heart felt for you, brah.

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