Thursday, December 04, 2008

touch grind review

So I downloaded this monday I think. have been playing it off and on since then.

* loads really fast and you can skip the crap at the beginning. The fastest loading game I have seen on the iphone. loading games in the game is really fast as well.
* menu is pretty cool in how you navigate. It has training, jam session, and competition.
* no glitches and movement is really smooth.
* you get the hang of it quick and it is responsive
* I just got some good points in my first attempt at competition and unlocked a bunch of new boards.
* Boards are unique and specialized in diff ways

* the view is overhead and a really tight shot. You pretty much just see your board and a tiny bit around it. This makes finding objects difficult. There are icons that tell you what is up, but it becomes really frustrating fast. you can zoom out, but not play in zoomed out mode.
* your arm and fingers get tired quick and it is a bit difficult to find a good way to hold the phone.
* turning is a bitch to get down and is just frustrating. I find myself just stopping and turning towards what I want to hit

It is on sale right now for $4.99 and fun enough to be worth that price, but I would not pay $10. With a bit of practice I should enjoy it more.


-kw said...

if you watch the video, you might want to turn down the soundtrack.

nic said...

I wanted to review this, but you pretty much summed it up.

I'll stick to fingerboarding on my vert ramp.