Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I burned dolls in college

I shot photos of some of my doll friends on fire out in the Nevada desert on a fieldtrip in 1982. It created quite a toxic cloud, but was quick and painless. It was in an old concrete factory that looked like a post apocalyptic Terminator style movie stage. I doubt if the smoldering remains of my burning dolls had much impact on that eerie garbage heap. I've often wondered if they are still there where I left them? If you're out for a drive east of Death Valley and you happen to see a small road marker that reads "Carrera", do me a favor and make your way up the 3 mile dirt road and look for the 26 year old melted remnants that I left and send me a portrait of my babies.
Camera: Mamiya C3 TLR
Click on photo to enlarge.
Photo: Brittain

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