Monday, December 15, 2008

One question

There's a distinct possibility I'm being too naive/shortsighted or not reading enough news(or in the right places), but I read the other day on that Obama is still planning to get troops withdrawn and back home much sooner than later.
With so many folks without jobs and industry on the verge of collapse already, what are all these troops going to do?
For the record, I'm well aware of the loaditude of this question. I would just like to be filled in if I'm missing something.


-kw said...

I hadn't thought of that. Won't military folks get shifted somewhere else that military folks have interests?
It'd be nice if it was in a style that didn't resemble, so much, the crusades.

len said...

i'm pretty sure that unless they want to, most wont be discharged, but will stay in the military and do what they do during times of peace.

or they will be redeployed to Afghanistan and then eventually Iran.

Marc said...

i thot war was suppose to stimulate the economy. Build the machine. I see more lay offs if the war ends. From the industries that build the war machine.

They'll still be troops.

We are fucked. I'd say Al Queda is winning

DADAH said...

Maybe they should just stay there so the unemployment numbers look good and they won't be getting any of those plumb jobs from the rest of us. Oh, by the way thanks for your service!

sockrider said...

The weekend warriors will go back to the jobs they left when they were forced to go occupy Iraq. In lots of instances they've been negatively affected because the military pays less than their civilian jobs did. Maybe the National Guard will go back to guarding OUR nation. More people working in our country isn't a bad thing.

Professional soldiers will stay soldiers and go to places like Afghanistan and other hot spots. There's no lack of conflict in the world.

In the end, saving American lives and preventing life long injuries is the real savings. Not spending billions and trillions of dollars on an occupation will end in huge monetary savings. Using a million dollar bomb to destroy a tent isn't very cost effective.

Hopefully our country will provide proper treatment to our veterans for the mental and physical trauma they've experienced. I don't want to see another veteran become a Tim McVeigh, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Mohammad or the anthrax suspect guy. (All U.S. veterans)