Thursday, December 25, 2008

Set Lists

While at my parents representing this holiday I went through some old stuff and stumbled upon this, quite possibly the greatest set list ever created by man (in my eyes.)
My friend Kyle Joeseph Burns and I used to collect set lists from basically every show we went to. During the time Hot Water Music was touring quite a bit in the Midwest and we made sure as hell we were at every single show that was humanly possible to get to. I think the show was in Chicago if my memory serves me correct--we saw them about 4 nights in a row that time around and they were playing the most amazing sets, this one just stood out as my favorite of all the shows I've seen.

Not sure if anyone else collected set lists or has any stories of their favorite shows in the past but I thought it'd be far out to see the lists or hear the stories in the comments. Or in another post, I mean the possibilities are endless, right?

Right, on.

Merry Christmas!


rokdad said...

My top setlists:

Dead Kennedys
Circle Jerks
Uncle Tupelo
Poster Children

Blogstyle said...

I use to grab them when I had a chance, but it seems like they were always destroyed by the time I got home. Did you get a chance to see Chuck Ragan on the Revival Tour this fall?

Sam McGuire said...

No! It sucked I was back in the midwest when he was here and was pretty much following his tour route but trailing by a day or two so--I think I missed 5 shows by a day. Was not cool. I heard they were amazing though, of course.