Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wurd up Google

I couldn't remember how to spell should the other day. SHOULD. should. It's a pretty simple word to spell but for some reason it was gone. Just like in grade school when you'd embarrassingly ask how to spell the, when, or who. It sucks. And everyone acts like it's never happened to them and totally makes fun of you as if it's never and or will never happen to them.

Same with dumb questions. Was driving home with my friend last night talking about the new year when we starting thinking about how time was derived, how the calendar works and ultimately ending on what B.C. and A.D. stood for. (unfortunately no we weren't stoned.) We had no clue and felt like idiots for it.

But that's where the drop menu common search bar support group comes in. See their new feature is probably to help you find what you need when you can't quite think of what to search for when searching for other common posts. But. What they didn't realize is that it helps you not feel so stupid in times like this knowing that someone before you has searched the same thing, and, not only that, but how many results are with said query. In this case, 21 million. Few.

So what does it mean? Who cares right? It's New Years Eve, lets go get drunk and google it in the morning.

All the best in the New Years to all my ePlayaz.

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T.H.L.A.T. (can't spell) said...

hahaha! LOL!! foe REAL!