Thursday, December 11, 2008

Brave Captain

there is a good chance KW posted this a bit back, and if i'm right and he did... can you blame me for posting it again?! no. no, you cant blame me, well come to think of it, you CAN blame me as i am posting it again (or in the first place) and my damn name is right there at the bottom. so blame away, im into it.


Chad Osburn said...

Funny, anyone else notice the band's name is Firehouse on this video. Mtv, get off the air.

-kw said...

It's the squirty thing (firehose) not the building.

mw said...

forgive me father for i have sinned.

i heard firehose prior to the minutemen.

there, i feel better.

ti said...

Mtv isn't the only one. The santa cruz video streets on fire also credits them as firehouse. My first year at college I wore a firehose shirt and many times dudes woul see it and say to me "yeeeaaahhhh, Firehouse RULES".
The firehouse, firehose confusions never end.