Thursday, December 04, 2008

Operation Phoenix

So, it's been a couple of weeks since I kept my Thursday fresh. In that time events have transpired involving certain elements of wireless routing technology that may or may not have been reduced to plastic diode peanut brittle and a laptop fan that spit more hot fire than Tiger on tha bomb track " Rappin' It Up", for you Wills. Anyhow by now you may or may not have noticed the bundle of hair in the tupperware to the left. I would like to put everyones minds at ease by letting you all know that Holly has in no way dishonored her Samurai master. Holly, for the second time since we have been us, has simply grown her hair out for the locks of love. To clarify, Holly is in no way a shamed Samurai warrior but is still a total badass so quit frontin'.
Good to be back,


Cornbread said...

Very honorable of Holly to donate her hair.

ZDogg said...

Domo Heregato Cornbreadson .