Friday, December 05, 2008

30 Helens Agree

I like Television. The Kids in the Hall is one of the big reasons that I am fond of Television. Granted, I was introduced to it on reruns and now pretty much catch it on old but cherished VHS dubs. It's still the king of awesome. Try to disagree and you'll always be wrong - always. Everyone knows this!

Born on CBC, Canada's largest Network, The Kids are returning to the station to write and star in a narrative series that looks like it will be on the air round 2010...In Canada.

In related Canadian Television Comedy news, there is no mention of a new Red Green Show in the works. Dry humored Dad's everywhere are baffled.


DADAH said...

I'm Baffled for sure. Always have been. Don't think it's related to Red Green though. Come to think of it that is an unusual color.

nic said...
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nic said...