Monday, July 14, 2008

KW in the LJS: Students dig into skate park designs

LJS article

Go Venom :)

“They’re kind of the lowest common denominator parks,” said Kevin Wilkins, an editor at “The Skateboard Mag” who lives in Lincoln. “They fill a need but not very well.”

In 2006, the city earmarked the area east of Star City Shores as a future site of a skate park, but there’s no money in the city budget to pay for it.

Wilkins said the city’s willingness to use that land for a skate park is important and the camp lets young skateboarders feel like they’re helping — and they learn something in the process.

“It’s a great civics lesson,” he said.

Congrats Kev

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More press about the Bright Lights Architecture Career Day Camp at andDesign.