Friday, July 18, 2008

er, uh,,,,, WOW,

wow, I uh, that's rather distracting,

I was trying to figure out what to blog about today

and the problem just landed in my er, lap.

so, I'm staring at this computer, I have no pictures to upload cuz my cable for my camera is with my computer in Pv at the computer store... ( getting the tune up )

so, I'm just gonna put up this lame pic of flowers with frost on them, why, cuz it makes me feel slightly cool. and it was in the computer...duh.

I'm thinking, what can I say, what kinda good problems are upon me?

and then.


super hot daughter walks by in a very skimpy bikini. uh, chris,,, can I have a soda...

er, uh, yeah, uh, they are over there, I can't stand up...

and that my fellow blog readers, is todays good problem...

man I love this place....

1 comment:

Kevineb said...

She wasn't YOUR daughter, was she? Because then it wouldn't be such a good problem.