Monday, July 28, 2008


There were a ton of teen underdog sports movies made in the 80s. All of them followed similar themes. You had your rich kid bad boy gangs with feathered blond hair, the new kid who has to prove himself, the sidekick slash girlfriend, and all of them were set in the Valley. High School must have been tough in upper class suburban L.A back then. Damn.

The best and worst of these was "RAD". It had the best slo-mo scenes and the best soundtrack. Not to mention the best climax, a race. "The biggest and most important bicycle motocross event ever held" in fact.

Thanks to nacho_supreme for reminding me of this gem.


sockrider said...

epicly rad

jenks said...

This is a little embarrassing for me, but I was at the original movie premiere for RAD. Old weird shit.

rfresh said...

Andy, that is the greatest personal factoid of all time. haha!