Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bernie's big birthday bash

i grew up next to _the_ skate ramp in my city (Lincoln, Nebraska), so I got to hang out with all the local punks on a daily basis.

My 13th birthday was the same day that everyone's skate-punk hero's at the time, JFA, were playing the soon-to-be infamous Brickyard, that empty shell of a building/former warehouse which was rented out for punk shows for a couple years.

Anyway, Al (singer of the band Baby Hot Line - a band I joined the next year) noted on the flyer that this was bernie's big birthday bash

mom dropped me off at the show.

I did my first proper stage-dive.

My life was forever changed.

25 years, and one week ago tonight.


Jenks said...

Fantastic. Happy birthday, Bernie. Miss you, man.

highdesertsultan said...

that's fucking awesome.
happy birthday bernie.

Anonymous said...

Remember no beer or alcohol at the brickyard. Happy bday bernie jr

11:11 said...

I was there and still am.

had a nice chat with your mom the other night. . . .Thanks for being born Bernie.

sockrider said...

I was never there, but I've heard about it: