Friday, July 25, 2008

"The tr-action never stops ... at Action Park!"

This had to be the most dangerous amusement park in the world. Check it, a looping waterslide. Quote: "safety may have once been in the hands of a fourteen-year old tripping on acid."

-Article from 'Weird New Jersey'

Its popularity went hand in hand with a reputation for poorly-designed, unsafe rides; inattentive, underaged, underpaid and sometimes under-the-influence employees; equally intoxicated and underprepared visitors — and the poor safety record that followed from this perfect storm of circumstances. At least six people are known to have died as a result of mishaps on rides at the park, and it was nicknamed "Traction Park", "Accident Park", "Class Action Park", "Danger Park" and "Death Park" by doctors at nearby hospitals due to the number of severely injured parkgoers they treated.

The director of the emergency room at a nearby hospital said they treated from five to ten victims of park accidents on some of the busiest days, and the park eventually bought the township of Vernon extra ambulances to keep up with the volume.

A skateboard park briefly existed, near the ski area's ski school building, but closed due to poor design after a season. Bowls were separated by pavement, which in many cases did not meet the edges smoothly. Former park employee Tom Fergus was quoted in an article in the magazine Weird NJ saying that the skate park was responsible for so many injuries we covered it up with dirt and pretended it never existed.

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