Friday, July 25, 2008

Sockrider Friedeh, The Pit, March 17, 1987

Here's where I spent a few years skatin. It was in Morgan Hill, CA. We used to take the bus to ride this from Gilroy. It was the bestest ditch, starting at about 1 1/2ft tall at the start and about 5ft at the bottom by the hip. The deck on top was just wide enough to push for speed before dropping in and a lil transition at the bottom was perfect. At one time they poured a curb down the middle to stop the sk8n. It didn't take long to figure out that you could just use a sledge hammer to knock the curb out, then put it up top for lip tricks. The curb made it better than ever.
Just carving down this from top to bottom was a blast.

About two years ago, I had some guys from the bay area go down to check the status of this. Apparently after I moved to Nebraska, they poured a bunch of gravel and concrete down there and finally ruined it. There's still one section like 8 ft wide that is still skated.

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