Thursday, May 01, 2008

Help Me Somebody

"The Mayday call sign was originated in 1923 by Frederick Stanley Mockford who was asked to think of a word that would indicate distress and would easily be understood by all pilots and ground staff in an emergency. Since much of the traffic at the time was between Croydon and Le Bourget Airport in Paris, he proposed the word 'Mayday' from the French m'aider.

"The French word 'm'aider' translates as 'help me.'"

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts website.


11:11 said...

Wow. One of the best ever albums ever. Ever. So great. Ever.

DADAH said...

Mayday,Mayday,Mayday...Army 6964411goin' down 3 miles east of the peanut factory.....