Thursday, May 29, 2008

I lost the good spot on the bike rack at work :(

I park my bike behind the state IT bldg (501) and have enjoyed the whole bike rack to myself for a good couple of years, but today there was not an end spot for me with the 5 bikes already locked up. I had to use one of the middle spaces and try to get my faghettaboutit U lock to fit. It took a while.

A couple cool guys I work with started riding in to work as well. They all like to make sure I know since I am the "biker dude." They have much longer commutes though. Both are looking to get more fit and use less gas. Pretty cool. I will gladly give up my side spot for that.


so said...

now that is a good problem

elisabeth said...

i, too, have recently not made it to work early enough to get the nice end spots at the SOB. good problem, indeed

sockrider said...

so yours is the purple bike?