Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fix your s**t

I like to fix things. especially good things. Here's the bottom side of my rice cooker. It's a Toshiba. It's from the late 60's. It rocks out the best rice, time after time. It had a removable power cord. And the socket for the cord was going bad so I hardwired the old cord into the guts of the cooker. It was nice to see a lack of vinyl plastics in this device. Only phenolic resin type plastics. The leads to the heating element are flat thin wires with small ceramic insulating cylinders on them. Then I buttoned it back up and made some rice.

So ... fix things before you trash them.

1 comment:

Katatonic said...

How 'bout I have you fix my broken things? I've got a fear of power tools and electrical wiring.

But I am in the market for a good rice cooker.