Friday, May 16, 2008

My Friday Morning Commute Was For The Birds

(Mallard in Cherry Creek - Denver, CO - May 16, 2008 7:46AM)
I have a 21 mile commute to work that I get to enjoy one or two times a week. All but three miles of my commute are along the South Platte River or Cherry Creek. I always see and hear tons of birds along the route, especially in the morning. Today, I decided to try to identify as many birds as possible. Here's what I came up with, along with a bunch of other birds I was unable to identify. Birds, another reason to ride your bike!
Great Blue HeronWestern Meadowlark

Red Winged BlackbirdCanada Goose

American White PelicanKilldeer

Mourning DoveRock Pigeon

Northern CardinalMallard

Amercian Robin


stardudehero said...

my one buddy, general lee, saw a bird on the way to work this morning. it honked at him through the driver's window of a ford explorer after cutting him off. lee later identified the bird as a speckle-throated-tennessee-bender.

Hoss said...

I'll bend tennesse in your speckled throat.